Laura Focarazzo

<p>Laura Focarazzo is a video artist and independent curator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her works include experimental films and videos which use sound as a 'script' for the construction of non-narrative pieces, as well as curatorial works. Her videos provide poetic and sensory experiences in a dialogue with the unconscious by evoking chaos as a place to live endless possibilities.<br><br>As an artist, she has had exhibitions at ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK; ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, Germany; FILE - Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, United States; MACBA Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires-, Argentina; Festival Les Instants video: 50 Years of Video Art, Marseilles, France; BAFICI International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rencontres Traverse Vidéo at La Cinémathèque Toulouse, France; Incubarte International Independent Art Festival, Valencia, Spain; Festival Punto y Raya, Reykjavík, Iceland; Copenhagen Art Festival, Denmark; Lumen Gallery, Kyoto, Japan; Union Docs, New York, United States, among others.<br><br>Focarazzo conducts research in the field of the electronic arts.</p> <p>Curated by Zata Banks for Daata</p>