Daata Editions
Daata Editions x artstay Hobart presents: Corporeals and other bodies
3 Artworks

<p><strong>Corporeals and other bodies</strong> is<strong> </strong>a collaborative project between <strong>Daata Editions</strong> and <strong>artstay Hobart, Tasmania</strong> presented December 2018 thru June 2019. The project presents a Tasmanian emerging artist, <strong>Theia Connell</strong>, and contextualises her work alongside the practices of significant international artists’ works selected from Daata; <strong>Sue de Beer, Rashaad Newsome</strong> and <strong>Toby Ziegler</strong>.</p> <p>The four selected artists each work across moving image and sound in experimental and nuanced ways and the works, as well as the context of their presentation, is not confined to a singular reading, geographic location or gesture. Rather, the movement - across, in-between, because of these entities, leaves the viewer wanting to dance and to stand still, to speak and to listen, all at the same time. </p> <p>Corporeals and other bodies will be on view at <strong>artstay Hobart</strong>, Tasmania until June 2019 (viewable by appointment, or as a guest at artstay).</p> <p><a href="https://daata-editions.com"></a></p>