Toby Ziegler – 2 all beef parties

<p>Toby Ziegler's ‘2 all beef parties’ (2019) subjects a sequence of images to a pair of image recognition algorithms. The first identifies shape, colour, tone and subject matter in an attempt to find images similar to the original. The results differ dramatically from the mother image and are at times completely dissociated from it. The second algorithm dissects the image, attempting to detect and classify the elements and relationships depicted. The resulting captions show the shortcomings of image recognition software and simultaneously open up unexpected new meanings and content.<br><br></p> <blockquote><p>The soundtrack, made in collaboration with Sasha Lewis, uses an algorithm within a generic piece of software used by DJs, which attempts to isolate a particular instrument or sound from a track and replay it. Ziegler intentionally layered in too much sound – a morphed jingle from an 80s McDonalds advert with the Velvet Underground’s ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’. The algorithm can’t cope and the result is an abstracted composition that is in parts atonal and arrhythmic, becoming progressively less like the original. </p></blockquote>