Pablo Pijnappel – 2008 Wasn't a Good Year

<p>Pijnappel seeks to explore the mechanisms of memory and its relation with images in this work influenced by the 1962 short film 'La Jetée', directed by Chris Marker.<br><br>'La Jetée' is a sci-fi version of the classic Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, being the film in turn an adaptation of the French crime novel 'D’entre les morts'. Pijnappel continues the game of mirrors by reviewing this plot of works through a self-fiction in a spiral narrative.<br><br>Other inspirations are the novel '1933 Was A Bad Year', written by John Fante about the author's coming of age during the Great Depression in the USA, and - mainly - the autobiographical novel 'Satori in Paris' by Jack Kerouac. In the latter, published a few years before Kerouac's death from cirrhosis, the writer recounts a trip to France that he had made in search of his genealogical ancestry. However, irritated by hostile Parisians, he ends up anticipating his departure after a three-day pile of brandy and beer, thus giving up the goal of finding his roots.</p>