Anaïs Duplan – A POEM BY AN DUPLAN

<p>“A POEM BY AN DUPLAN” is a set of three video-poems. An experiment in melding the video screen with the page-of-text, the videos feature a line-by-line feed of three of Duplan's poems: “I Think That I Can Love It,” about the freedom or lack thereof the Black female body; “Why Does It Feel Natural to Want to Be Stable for the Lady in the Mirror?” a poem on gender instability in the age of social machinery; and finally, “The War of Parasites,” a meditation on war, animalia, and sex.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>Each video-poem is set across found footage from archival and/or educational films, often featuring black-and-white images of white people in idyllic situations, volcanic eruptions, physical conflict, running in fear, running with semi-joy, and abstractions of light. The set of video-poems, “A POEM BY AN DUPLAN” attempts to synthesize this particular range of audiovisual and phenomenological experience with the intimacy and habitual quiet of the poem-page.</p>