Sarah Naqvi – Aao ghar kabhi Biriyani khaane (I invite you to eat Biryani at home)

<p>Come home my love,</p> <p>I will feed you my love,</p> <p>In the rhythm of mortar & pestle meeting,</p> <p>Released will be,</p> <p>scent from scent,</p> <p>scent from time spent,</p> <p>scent from spelt word,</p> <p>scent from shelled foes,</p> <p>released will be, </p> <p>frigid hearts from distances manmade,</p> <p>tearing lands, sisters hand in hand, </p> <p>rooted, to be uprooted </p> <p>made free from body,</p> <p>released by force,</p> <p>fill this air with scents of those</p> <p></p> <p>In merging of these rivers, complex are these flavours,</p> <p>Showing you our care, granting you a chance,</p> <p>be witness to our flare,</p> <p></p> <p>Make no mistake,</p> <p>I nurture my fate,</p> <p>accepting those, who stood and watched us being exiled from ‘home’</p> <p>seeking acceptance, passports to a home I was birthed in,</p> <p>validation of blood that has travelled its distance,</p> <p>in generations of existence,</p> <p>my resistance, in being accepted?</p> <p></p> <p>In the durational labour of its becoming,</p> <p>I will replenish broken bonds,</p> <p>justify the depths of her tired eyes,</p> <p>pools of wrinkling skin,</p> <p>and the soreness of her feet,</p> <p>my mother, she will continue to welcome your stay,</p> <p></p> <p>In my fathers discomfort of conversing,</p> <p>he will offer you his share,</p> <p>another day,</p> <p>a day less,</p> <p>one without commute,</p> <p>today he can accept,</p> <p>today he is a muslim</p> <p>he can rest,</p> <p>My father, an atheist,</p> <p>on all days, except Eid,</p> <p>and how religiously he waits for this day off, how religiously he eats his share</p> <p></p> <p>‘Mozzie’, 'laden', ‘burkhewaali', ‘sharam nahi aati'?</p> <p>laden with stories written about us, of us, without us,</p> <p>I wish to be heard, to be touched, to be loved, </p> <p>I wish to scream, live in reckless vanity, without remorse,</p> <p>I wish to be known, an identity unknown, one that I define,</p> <p>yet to be refined,</p> <p>an unthreatened word, held without fear,</p> <p>one that wasn't written for me, by a world believing in another,</p> <p>let this grain of saffron stained rice, reflect our kinship,</p> <p>as you see this, one you can trust,</p> <p>one you can accept,</p> <p>one that exists without uproar,</p> <p>voiceless, to please,</p> <p>resting, but to never remain.<br></p>