Atul Bhalla – Anhedonia

<p>Part of Atul Bhalla's 2019 solo show titled Anhedonic Dehiscence, this work came out of a certain political scenario which currently engulfs us not only here in India but increasingly around the world.</p> <p></p> <p>Truth often takes the form of water, a recurring motif in Bhalla's works – liquid in its totality and form, and elusive, it can never quite be held or possessed but what happens to truth in the shape of a glass? In 1919, a glass of water was shared by Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims, and the question begged was – who “stained” it first (<em>jutha</em>)? In search of that glass, Bhalla found himself creating the series <em>Objects of Fictitious Togetherness</em>.</p> <p></p> <p>In exploring how the historical bleeds into the present, and afflictions and violence occupy us, Bhalla contemplates how the truth does not belong, how we covet violence, how we apprehend the other through inflicting gazes, and how anhedonic dehiscence is a social condition. He implicates himself in search of this truth, confining the blame or responsibility to his gaze as well. What does one bring to the table? History, memory, a proclamation? The slab of meat in the conversation meets the viewer’s eyes, demanding introspection. The meat remains as is, where the glass of water is shifted around, never spilled.<br><br></p>