Cindy Ji Hye Kim – As a Dog Returns to Its Vomit, a Man Repeats His Sins

<p></p> <p>Cindy Ji Hye Kim’s <em>As A Dog Returns to Its Vomit, A Man Repeats His Sins </em>is a looped animation of the artist’s monochromatic drawings of a couple in an embrace. It flickers with a visual ambiguity that hovers between beauty and horror. While recalling 1960s Structuralist cinema or Post-War Eastern European animation, the work is resolutely focuses on the drawn image, and how it can be made transformed into a time-based, three-dimensional narrative about the perils and pleasures of desire.</p><p><br></p><p></p> <p>Working in animation, drawing, painting, and sculpture, Cindy Ji Hye Kim navigates the volatile relationship between culture and identity. She often works in the monochromatic Grisaille palette, a preliminary underpainting scheme designed to be painted over with color. She channels a wide range of historical and contemporary sources, from the Bible to propaganda posters to early black and white animation, as a vehicle to examine the potency and opacity of pictorial language.</p> <p></p>