Tabita Rezaire – ASS 4 SALE

<p>ASS4Sale outlines what Tabita Rezaire calls ‘digital thoughts on twerk’. Operating as an offline platform for the videos on Rezaire’s Youtube Twerk Channel ‘LOOK @ HER BUTT’, the work explores notions of womb wisdom, cultural smudging, exploitation and cultural appropriation. From traditional African dances, to the Bounce music scene, hip-hop and now mainstream pop, the phenomenon of ‘twerking’ has seemingly gone viral. What are the cultural, social and political mechanisms and consequences of these appropriations? How does the ‘global’ nature of virality affect the reading of twerking? Whether worshiped or despised, seen as a sign of woman empowerment, sexual objectification, or as a spiritual technology liberating spinal energy, twerk is a complex playground. Where once again the bearer of this knowledge are neither acknowledged nor celebrated. Ass4Sale praises the power of the ass as a spiritual and political vessel for transformation.</p>