Rohini Devasher – Atmospheres

<p><em>Atmospheres </em>offers an alternate perspective on the iconic photograph of the Earth as seen from space taken by Apollo 17, in 1972, the 'blue marble’ which, at the end of the 1970s, replaced the mushroom cloud, as the global icon of the post-war period and the Cold War. The view of Earth from outer space was an event of historical importance. It transformed our consciousness and made us think about the earth's ecosystem as a single planetary unit. </p> <p>In the work, we see the Earth from our perspective on the ground. The sky becomes a mirror. With the camera lens pointed at the zenith we see shifting frames of sky and cloud, criss-crossed by thin black lines, the beautiful and strange decametre wave radio telescope at the Gauribidanur Observatory near Bangalore in India.</p>