Marco Godoy – Claiming the Echo

<p>During the financial crisis that started in 2010 in Spain, demonstrations became part of the daily life. In this work the slogans that are sung at demonstrations in Spain were adapted into a musical piece, using the composer Henry Purcell’s scores as a reference. Since the beginning of the crisis,“It’s called a Democracy but it’s not a Democracy”, “We are not scared” and “These are our weapons” are common phrases at demonstrations, sung in unison by thousands of people.</p><p><br></p><p>In the video Claiming the Echo the choir Solfónica sings the piece in an empty theatre. Solfónica is an assembly based choir that sings only at demonstrations in Madrid. It is a “protest choir”. Using the video format, the phrases that we only heard in demonstrations can be listen at the exhibition space.</p><p></p><p>The film is part of Godoy's research on&nbsp;the relationship between images and ideology, in particular&nbsp;the possible&nbsp;alternative ways in which we can de-construct&nbsp;the image associated to&nbsp;protests and political issues.</p>