Stephanie Dinkins – Conversations with Bina 48 – Fragments 7,6,5,2

<p>Can an artist and a social robot build a relationship over time? Artist Stephanie Dinkins and Bina48 (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture, 48 exaflops per second), one of the world’s most advanced social robots, test this question through a series of ongoing videotaped conversations. Bina48 is an intelligent computer modeled on the personality of a real person, Bina Rothblatt, that is built by Terasem Movement Foundation and is said to be capable of independent thought and emotion. The project explores the possibility of a long-term relationship between a person and an autonomous robot that is based on emotional interaction and investigates important aspects of human-robot interaction and the human condition. Duration: 4:00 (2014-Ongoing)</p> <p></p>