Rosie McGinn – Drums and God is a DJ

<p>Drums [2018] explores the pure, universal joy of dance. Following the beat of a drum roll, climbing slowly until it reaches its apex and then dropping back to it’s original pace, the video features appropriated footage of people dancing. Loop the video and it’s a dance epidemic [1518].&nbsp;Harking back to Eadweard Muybridge’s short moving sequences, the footage flashes and merges to explore the figures shared sense of bliss and escapism.</p> <p></p><p>God is a DJ [2019] combines appropriated footage of orchestra conductors with a mixed soundtrack of live DJ sets. Two worlds momentarily collide as the conductors movements respond to the slow build in the set; sound and colour merge as they simultaneously reach the drop/the finale/the apex. Conductor and DJ; both channelling the power of music to transform the mood in a room, taking listeners to a higher level, moving bodies and stirring minds.</p>