Prabhakar Pachpute – Earthwork of Hadasti

<p>"Earthwork of Hadsati" represents visuals from Chandrapur District, Maharashtra that has been changing geographically and socially. The focus of the work was to document the impact of mining before, during, and after. Because of the constant excavation of coal for ages and also the impact of other active industries, many farming lands and villages were subsumed under coal mines. Now, over time, these coal mines have turned into dead or dystopian industrial landscapes - places of danger. <br><br>The farming communities and local people are left with no options for livelihood other than selling their lands to the industries. One is left to question how they will survive in this kind of contaminated atmosphere.<br><br>These drastic changes in these surroundings evoked me to use a wiper as an element that indicates continuous wiping of the surface, which is constantly recreating itself. However, the work contains humor which adds layers to the situation. As a medium, the stop-motion allows playing in multiple ways and explores&nbsp;imagination.<br></p> <p></p> <p><br></p> <p></p>