Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala – Exitscape

<p>The 6 part video series Exitscape is produced by Martti Kalliala and Daniel Keller, in collaboration with a team of animators working in the video game engine CryEngine. Using a variety of sourced and original material, the videos join together to form a continuously looping aerial view of a speculative ‘patchwork’ landscape. The landscape renderings depict a neo-feudal society of competing experimental city-states, forced to compete at land and at sea. Existscape follows an idea popularised in Neil Stephenson’s Diamond Age and elaborated on in neoreactionary blogger Mencius Moldbug's Patchwork: a positive vision, Zach Weinersmith’s Polystate and Patri Friedman’s Seasteading Institute. The formation of this scenario is informed heavily by the idea of ‘dynamic geography’, and states along with other political entities which possess a fluid spatial relationship, either mobilised by water or designed with modular mobility in mind.</p>