Sarah Naqvi – Faint Breath

<p>This performance is a response to a song that Sarah Naqvi and&nbsp;Philth Haus created during the lockdown for Philth's album Atofyl. It navigates trauma through objects that act as portals, to access memory, maternal history and bodily trauma. <br>Trauma residing in skin, holds memory from loss of agency, and here, acts as remembrance for lost innocence. Queer marginalised bodies are often born into isolation, living a life in it, pre and post pandemic. This virus has created restrictions for bodies free and controlled, but a sense of containment has been felt by many, long before this crisis. The normalcy we crave, is a crisis in itself. <br>The objects are, an embroidered face, a wool felted mask of Sarah's grandmother's face and a latex cast of her upper body.</p>