Holly Blakey – GRLS DUET

<p>Playing on the hyper-sexualised movement language of the music video, Some Greater Class explores social connectivity, class and gender, exposing the subtle and not so subtle dynamics of contemporary pop culture and it's context. Set in a modern day garden of eden and created in collaboration with Gwilym Gold and Darkstar, SGC uses dance and movement to challenge the class structures inherent in the presentation and consumption of art. From explosive energy, vulnerability and transgression, the process of viewing and being viewed is inscribed on the performers' bodies. Their bombastic displays of sensuality give way to searching, uncomfortably intimate duets and a longing for meaningful connection.</p><p></p><p>Choreographer<br>Holly Blakey<br><br>Dancers<br>Grace Jabbari, Naomi Weijand<br><br>Costume Design<br>Hannah R Hopkins<br><br>Music<br>Gwilym Gold, Darkstar<br><br>Edit<br>Joel Porter, Lez Creative<br><br>Produced by <br>Georgina Harper, Popcorn Storm Productions<br><br>Executive Producer<br>Ben Totty, Box Artist Management</p>