Jeremy Couillard – HOTR Home Furnishing (Phillips x Daata)

<p>HOTR Home Furnishing is a mixture of 3D animation, poetry, video games and advertisements and is made in UnrealEngine, the same software used to make the popular game Fortnite. The “story” takes place in an absurdist Utopian future where a cartoony society of aliens have come to Earth to save us from ourselves, getting rid of things like oil, money and income inequality. One of the aliens has an apartment but needs a lamp and goes to HOTR Home Furnishing to shop. In order to get his lamp he has to go on a few quests to get it part by part. </p><p></p> <p>The video is an exercise in rapid world building, with Couillard creating an entire world that has its own physics, look and logic. With background in painting, Couillard approached the video in a similar way he used to approach painting understanding that the medium has it's own history and ideas behind it that are inescapable but can be played around with. Creating a sort of Utopia is cathartic for Couillard, allowing him to get rid of all the things that give him anxiety in the world. </p>