Michael Bell-Smith – I M.A.K.E. V.A.R.Y. G.A.M.E. L.O.S.S. W.I.N.

<p>Michael Bell-Smith’s <em>I M.A.K.E. V.A.R.Y. G.A.M.E. L.O.S.S. W.I.N. </em>combines establishing shots from TV crime programs with dynamic digital brushstrokes. Aerial views of iconic American cities, including Las Vegas, Miami, and New York, are montaged to create a seemingly endless, vertiginous journeys. It’s a sequence always on the verge of becoming, where the anticipation of progress is never satisfied. The work’s super-imposed graphic abstractions confound our sense of perspective and highlight the materiality and semiotics of the scenes we are witnessing. With an almost Brechtian breaking of the fourth wall—the screen—the visual vocabulary of television becomes a canvas for mark-making.</p><p><br></p><p></p> <p>Michael Bell-Smith places familiar visual elements—drawn from the internet, television, film, gaming, interiors, and corporate design—within unexpected conceptual frameworks. Interrogating the systems through which meaning and affect are constructed in contemporary image culture, he searches for new models of both pleasure and criticality. He wryly reflects upon our visual culture as he tracks the ways images and sounds proliferate. Charting an ever-changing history of viral content, he mixes flatness with depth and motion with stillness in his meditations on the image’s hold on truth.</p> <p></p>