Anna K.E. and Florian Meisenberg – Late Checkout (Part II), 2015

<p>Taking place in high-rise hotel rooms, several stories above street-level, <em>Late Checkout</em>&nbsp;finds K.E. and Meisenberg walled-in by the clean, generic spaces – it’s as if the semi-reflective, screen-like windows offer refuge or vacation from the bombardment of city noise and visual overflow. Meisenberg films the room, K.E. performs like part of the architecture; they are occupying classical roles of observer and muse. Yet, K.E. carries a cell phone, and, as the camera closes in for a tight crop, it reveals that the phone’s screen (through an app that links it to the camera) depicts the same image Meisenberg is recording. It affects a double-mirror: between her statuesque poses and future-fashion leotard, and his roving, faceless camera, there is the buzzing tension of communication and exchange.</p>