Pallavi Paul – Long Hair Short Ideas

<p>This film is the third of a trilogy made between 2013-2014.&nbsp;<em>Long Hair Short Ideas</em> works between the pressures of excavating a political moment and the elasticity of the documentary form. Starting from the desire to look at the women’s movement, I found myself immersed in the range of women’s everyday struggles. The film is constructed around Vidrohi (the revolutionary poet) wife. Her relationship to the radical movement is traced via the turbulent political history of India in the 1970s and her intimate experiences around domesticity, sexuality and labour. Between 1975–77 the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency across India. This caused elections to be suspended and civil liberties and the free press to be curbed. In revisiting her abandonment by her husband and the choices that she had to make , Vidrohi’s wife not only recasts the traditionally absent figure of the revolutionary's wife; but also pushes us to rethink silence and & absence as strategy.</p>