Marko Mäetamm – Love, 2010

<p>Being simultaneously autobiographical and fictional, Marko Mäetamm‘s works embody, with humour and auto-derision, authentic odes to life that are ironically tainted by acidic complaints about the complex familial and emotional relationships existing between oneself and others. Flirting inexorably with his own reality, Mäetamm enjoys the act of confessing; his status as an artist is predominantly at the origin of a series of mises-en-scènes in which he features personally as family man, a husband, a father.<br>Mäetamm’s video <em>Love</em> is particularly centered on his relationship with his wife, and the ambiguous and sometimes strained emotions that exist in an amorous relationship. He presents, often very bluntly, certain private moments –such as the pressures existing within a family unit or the temperamental feelings that can occur between husband and wife- and introduces a humorous and yet invaluably sincere take on universal emotions and taboo feelings.<br>The storytelling element is the medium through which Mäetamm explores the grey areas between these uncontrollable feelings and how we are told to repress them -he is interested in those everyday instances that appear to be ideal but which are nonetheless tarnished by the idea that a blink of an eye can separate us from nightmares and disasters.<br>Throughout Mäetamm’s world of disconcerting sincerity, the spectator becomes a privileged viewer to the intimate worries and emotional tragedies experienced by the artist and at the same time identifies with the issues addressed within the works.</p>