Sheida Soleimani – Medium of Exchange

<p>Medium of Exchange melds film, performance and&nbsp;sculpture together&nbsp;to&nbsp;highlight Soleimani's critical perspectives on historical and contemporary sociopolitical events across the Greater Middle East.&nbsp;Focusing on media trends and the dissemination of information in the news, the film&nbsp;adapts images from popular press and social media leaks to exist within alternative scenarios. </p> <p></p> <p>The characters converse in a sequence of narratives adapted from public records of speeches and conversations between government officials and top ranking officers. The flirtatious, eroticized delivery of alarming content is interspersed with an aerial perspective of two sets of hands playing a violent game of Snap with a pack of Iraq’s Most Wanted playing cards. The accompanying audio is of a child reading military correspondence about food policy on U.S. bases. As the game progresses, the actors’ hands and the game itself become obscured by black, viscous oil.</p>