Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum – Ms

<p>This animation was made as a bit of a meditation on how drawing and other simple imaginative gestures can open the possibility of time and space travel. I started the animation by looking at George Méliès’ classic early film, ‘A Trip to the&nbsp;Moon’ (1902). In the opening scenes of the film, we see a university lecture hall filled with professors and scientists debating quite passionately about the actual possibility of traveling to the moon. The room is quite visibly divided between the nay-sayers and the believers. Finally, in a moment of exasperation, one scientist marches up to a chalkboard and draws a dashed line in chalk between a drawing of the earth and a drawing of the moon, and with this insistent drawn line, he somehow manages to settle the debate and the trip is set.</p> <p></p> <p>It is this defiantly drawn line that I make reference to in the animation. The two figures that are peddling together were appropriated from some found footage depicting of a water irrigation system used in West Africa. The people-powered pump can transport large amounts of water from one area of earth to another. The stilt-walking "star planter" is taken from footage of a Dogon man walking on stilts and is a nod to Dogon cosmological history and its mysterious references to the original 'star people,' and their teleportative connection to the star/planet Sirius B. </p>