Marcellus Armstrong – On Beat with RJ

<p>The work of Marcellus Armstrong maintains a keen interest in how editing can enhance representation in media, referencing what filmmaker Arthur Jafa calls Black Visual Intonation, where "the use of irregular, nontempered (nonmetronomic) camera rates and frame replication prompt filmic movement to function in a manner that approximates Black vocal intonation.”&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>This video piece visually layers the history and ongoing legacy of The New Dance Show—a television program produced in Highland Park and Detroit, Michigan, on air regionally from 1988-1995—with footage of Armstrong’s own attempt to recognize the show's legacy through a community-based project produced in 2018 called The 48203 Dance Show. The audio recording is from an oral history talk with R.J. Watkins—the producer, creator, and host of The New Dance Show.</p>