Frank Heath – On The Beach Ep 03 - Midnight Sun, 2018

<p><em>Midnight Sun</em> (the third episode of Heath’s <em>On the Beach</em> series commissioned by <em>Triple Canopy</em>) was shot on location at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. It is the last resort, a ‘final backup’ of the Earth’s food supply stored within the permafrost of an Arctic mountain and an effort—perhaps futile—to stave off the eradication of plants and crops because of the accelerating threat of global warming. Interspersed throughout the video is the audio of a serendipitously recorded telephone conversation in which a troubled caller (acted/voiced/played by Heath’s frequent collaborator Jesse Wakeman) recounts standing in line at a grocery store and having a vision of the sun suddenly appear during total darkness.</p>