Phoebe Boswell – Prologue: The Lizard of Unmarriedness (It's All About How You Tell It)

<p>'Prologue: The Lizard of Unmarriedness (It's All About How You Tell It)' is the starting point to a multi-sensory body of work in which Boswell uses film, drawing, sound, and interactive sculpture to examine how storytelling, nuance, and language aid our personal predilections towards belief.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>In the summer of 2014, Boswell spent three months in Zanzibar, researching the island’s prevalent belief in an ulterior ‘spirit world’. Wanting to explore belief systems as a whole, the fundamental notions of why and how we believe, Boswell began to realise as her research progressed that nothing honest was going to come from her vantage point, as a cynical Londoner examining the intricacies of this deeply entrenched East African belief system.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>She would have to place herself within the work, and explore the frailties within her own body, if she was ever going to make any true and valid work about belief.</p>