Marco Godoy – Re-purposed floor of former dictator Franco

<p>The last property owned by Francisco Franco, former dictator of Spain, is still standing in the outskirts of Madrid. The house was used as a weekend retreat for the dictator and his family and has a bunker that was used to protect Franco from possible terrorist attacks. Nowadays it belongs to the State, lying empty and unused, but it still holds all the original flooring and tiles. These luxurious fittings supported just one of the many stages Franco made for himself to hold court. After breaking into the property and taking part of the parquet floor the artist lit a fireplace with its wooden pieces, which he captured in this video loop, an eternal ‘digital fireplace’ of the kind that now dress electric fireplaces in certain modern homes and offices. Given the current state of affairs concerning Spain’s memory and history, this work aims to exorcise some of the last existing belongings of the dictator, and allows the audience to watch them burn endlessly and without warmth.</p>