Oliver Beer – Reanimation (The Prince), 2019

<p>In his Reanimation series, Oliver Beer has worked with&nbsp;children from around the world&nbsp;who are asked to copy and reinterpret scenes from an animated film&nbsp;or a static painting&nbsp;using their own imaginations. These new drawings are then scanned and printed onto 16mm film to create a new artwork.</p><p><br></p><p>In 'Reanimation (The Prince)', Beer asked children from Abu Dhabi to draw individual stills&nbsp;from an extract of&nbsp;Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 film The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the world’s oldest surviving feature length animation. We see the moment when the genie of the lamp makes a palace rise up from the earth and riches fall from the sky. The sequence starts in a turret as Aladdin looks out upon an expanse of mountainous desert. Slowly a palace rises up from the ground and materials tumble from the sky, creating ornate domes. Aladdin then appears in a room, furnished in riches; a beverage bottle appears, jewels and fine clothing drop from above onto his body and his transformation into a prince Achmed is complete.</p>