Jaan Toomik – Seagulls, 2004

<p>Excerpt from the Jaan Toomik's solo exhibition "My End Is My Beginning. And My Beginning Is My End" at Moscow Museum of Modern Art.</p> <p>The Seagulls (2004) video installation made in collaboration with Rainer Jansis, an experimental musician, is an artwork opening the display. It explores the emotions of a person in the grasp of a nightmare: helplessness, physical constraint, as well as the ‘struggle to communicate’. Indeed, it is one more desperate try in Toomik’s ‘struggle to communicate’. Many of his videos are nothing else but documentation of his action art and performances, which in their turn have been intended not to be seen as self-sufficient theatrical performances but precisely to be documented on video. They are often based on personal experience.</p><p></p><p>–</p><p></p><p>Jaan Toomik (b. 1961) is an acknowledged Estonian painter, video and performance artist, who recently got more and more involved in film. Having gained recognition as a painting student in the late 1980s, his practice shifted towards installation and performance art after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Toomik gained international recognition primarily for his video works such as “Dancing Home” (1995), and “Father and Son” (1998). The artist has exhibitied widely, both at home and abroad, where he has participated in the first Manifesta (1996), 4th Berlin contemporary art biennial (2006) and represented Estonia at the Venice Biennial twice, in 1997 and 2003.</p>