Shaun Gladwell – Self Portrait Spinning & Falling in Paris

<p>A freestyle skateboarder himself, in Self Portrait Spinning & Failing Paris, Shaun Gladwell performs rapid 360s on a skateboard ‘for as long as possible’. The performance ends with the skateboarder falling off his board. The actions are performed in four distinct and highly recognisable public spaces in Paris, including the Louvre’s Cour Napoléon and the Bastille.<br><br>In his video works, Gladwell draws links between historical and contemporary models of the body in space, proposing a lineage between the flâneur and contemporary cultural figures such as skateboarders, free-runners and other physical and street performers.<br><br>As this ongoing investigation of spatial articulation has deepened and gathered momentum it has begun to more closely inform and be reflected in the installation structures of the work itself, with an increased experimentation with multi-channel formats, architectural features and projection surfaces.</p>