Feng Bingyi – She Walks in Beauty

<p>Feng Bingyi's exhibited video presents her latest series "She Walks in Beauty". This series can be seen as a "musical" reconnection of visions, philosophical thoughts and poems, the structure of which is similar to Symphonic Poem. The video is a "trailer" of the artist's other video works as she re-edits the work to show the inner connection among other works. The series, with the name of George G. Byron's poem "She Walks in Beauty" as its title, has been divided into five parts with respective individual works, including "Introduction", "Exposition", "Development", "Recapitulation reprise", and "Epilogue". They start from the relationship between the Universe and human beings, and return to shared natures of people in different backgrounds, before reminding the audience of their inner connections with each other. In front of the nihilism of individuals and hostilities between different social groups today, Feng Beingyi tries to let people see the same starry sky again with pure curiosity and awe.</p>