Angelica Mesiti – Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

<p><em>Some dance to remember, some dance to forget</em> takes its title from the Eagles song Hotel California (1977). Mohammed is a partially blind street musician in Paris. He is an illegal immigrant form Algeria who makes a full time living by busking. Set in a nightclub in Paris, the video captures Mohammed singing an Arabic version of the song, made famous by the Algerian pop singer Cheb Hasni who was assassinated by Muslim extremists in the 1990s for his outspoken lyrics about romantic love and other taboo subjects like alcohol and divorce. The genre of music is Raï, Algerian folk music, and the songs range from being political in nature to ballads.<br><br>The original song describes a luxury hotel at night in which the performer is confined both physically and metaphorically by his excesses. The nightclub lights surround Mohammed. Overlapping circles of blue, pink, red and white are arranged in long lines and are both mesmerizing and nostalgic, locating the singer in a nether zone. Like a disco from the 1970s (the decade that the original song was composed) this nightclub is the context against which Mohammed performs cultural and linguistic remembrance.</p>