Aaditi Joshi – Suffocation

<p>The video ‘Suffocation’ sheds light on the aquatic life that suffers due to&nbsp;plastic being discarded improperly. Sea creatures tend to mistake the bright&nbsp;colours of plastic bags floating in the water as food and this leads to the&nbsp;entanglement with or consumption of the deadly material.</p> <p>While Joshi was covering herself with a large plastic bag as a part of the&nbsp;process of creating her painting series titled&nbsp;'Suffocation', the artist was&nbsp;simultaneously led to make this audio visual form of Suffocation wanting to&nbsp;convert her experience into a continuous moving form, not limited by the&nbsp;constrictions of painting. </p> <p>Monsoons soak Mumbai annually but the aftermath of the July 26th, 2005&nbsp;deluge in Mumbai, when the clogging of the city's drainage system by&nbsp;massive accumulation of plastic bags led to a major flood in her hometown&nbsp;Mumbai left Joshi wondering, “where does the plastic go?”</p>