Keren Cytter – Terrorist Of Love

<p>Daata Editions and Artspace have co-commissioned a video work by Keren Cytter, available to download free of charge. The video entitled 'Terrorist of Love' continues the New York based artist’s experimental filmmaking practice that subverts cinematic tropes, layers multiple fractured narratives, and reflexively refers to the medium.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Tapping into a viral strain of humor found on Tumblr and GIF-sharing sites, the video is as chuckle-worthy as it is contemplative. Using a fixed 4K camera, Cytter shot the video in one take, before devising an unconventional music video format in post-production using key framing, meme-like imagery, and an original soundtrack—an unprecedented approach to video-making in any genre.<br></p>