Daniel von Sturmer – The Cinema Complex (Sequence 4)

<p>The Cinema Complex is a series of seven discrete video works that compel the audience to look and move beyond the screen. The actions performed before the camera are often bound with the site of their projection: the objects in Sequence 4, pushed to the precipice of a white A4 paper tower, fall beyond the lower edge of the screen and disappear, with a thump, to the floor. Unlike the darkened mazes of the cinema complexes to which we are accustomed, von Sturmer’s is fully lit, emphasising his policy of full disclosure.</p> <p></p> <p>Daniel von Sturmer’s practice involves a range of media and approaches including video, photography and installation. His works orchestrate a field of relations between people and things, light and space, video and time, where the encounter between audience and artwork reveals a dialectical interplay of viewer and viewed. His approach is experimental, playfully testing expectations of quotidian occurrences and ordinary experience.</p>