Marnie Weber – The Day of Forevermore

<p><em>The Day of Forevermore, </em>Marnie Weber's&nbsp;first feature length film, expands on the story set forth in her 2012 film T<em>he Night of Forevermore</em>. Set in a fantastical world that exists somewhere between a Hieronymus Bosch painting and a modern Halloween horror film, it follows a young white witch as she embarks on a journey to escape the forces of darkness and regain her own powers of good.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>The film explores the relationship between this young witch (played by the artist's daughter, Colette Weber Shaw) and an old witch (acted by Weber herself), who has sold her soul to the devil. As they traverse through a haunting tableaux vivant, a representation of heaven, purgatory, and hell, the medieval costuming and cast of period characters underline Weber’s interest in the history of witchcraft and witch hunts, and her ongoing fascination with the political and social forces that have traditionally shaped representations of good and evil. </p>