Matt Stokes – The Oyster

<p>The Oyster is a 16mm looped film projection shot by Stokes on Santa Monica Beach in California. In the distance a solitary figure faces the sea listening to a clamshell CD Walkman, shifting hypnotically and manically from foot to foot overdubbed by a slowed loop of folk reel and an abridged narration on the history of the American Oyster.&nbsp;</p><p></p> <p>Charting the initial exploitation of a natural resource, to its growth as a luxury food and the inevitable tensions between industrial overproduction and the fragilities of the social and environmental eco-system.</p><p></p> <p>This work by Stokes explores&nbsp;epic shifts in global politics and their relationship to intimate psychological states; connecting the fragility of the individual to the socio-political undercurrents that shape our lives.</p>