Marnie Weber – The Red Nurse and the Snowman

<p>Marnie Weber’s embrace of the societal fringe mimics our globalised reassessment of the dominant point of view, debunking the old norm for a new model where the previously peripheral moves to centre stage. Making reference to the folklore, fairy tales, myths and narratives deeply embedded in our collective memory, the artist creates dream-like tableaux unfixed from time or place. Weber tells strange stories while at the same time describing the strangeness of storytelling, making her films engaging to behold and to think through, as they elaborate compelling fantasies through clearly devised means.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>In <em>The Red Nurse and the Snowman</em>, 2000, a red-caped nurse roams through a snowy landscape following a trail of blood, eventually coming upon a group of forlorn, troubled animals and an injured snowman.&nbsp; <br></p>