Garima Gupta – This is How We Dry the Bird of Paradise

<p><em>This is How We Dry the Bird of Paradise</em> is an intimate telling of a forbidden act. For the 17th c. Dutch, British and Germans colonizers, the island of Papua New Guinea is difficult terrain and an array of warring, "savage" tribes. As is the rule, imperial occupation brings the church and church, in turn, validity to colonizer's idea of 'civilization'. In post-colonial tropical geographies, wildlife conservation is one such burden of civilizations that continue to pay for the devastation caused by the ambitions of the colonizer. However, there is something to the telling of stories at nighttime- it is playful with the garb of righteousness and compliance. On one such night, Jonah, who lives in a village devoted to wildlife conservation invokes the memory of an act that is no longer permitted in the area and will soon be relegated to the oral history archives of the region.</p>