Flo Kasearu – Uprising

<p>The group of works entitled “Uprising” are build around a video filmed during roof maintenance works performed on a building in Tallinn’s Pelgulinn district, where the artist lives and where she has been hosting her “Flo Kasearu House Museum” project since 2013. The metal taken off the roof was folded into plane figures, much like the DIY models folded by children from paper. </p><p></p> <p>The DIY and reuse technology metal planes as the main motif of the exhibition appear to be symbolic of military action, yet simultaneously representative of an exit strategy, the crossing of the country’s borders by air, immigration and emigration issues. The airspace - a perspective from which to assess ones own position as both a liberating and a frightening idea.</p> <p>Also responding to the current political milieu of strained international relationships between Russia and the West, Flo’s video and accompanying works - drawings and framed 3D models - reflect on the atmosphere prevailing under these circumstances in Estonia. The artist contemplates the heightened levels of paranoia in the media, calls for the increase in funding of the Department of Defence during elections, resumed faith in NATO membership, and so on.</p><p></p><p>–</p><p></p><p>Flo Kasearu (b.1985) is an artist based in Tallinn. She studied Painting and Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and Multimedia at Universtität der Künste Berlin under Rebecca Horn studio.<br><br>Kasearu’s earliest performances conceived during her studies addressed tradition, national identity, and the academic environment of art schools. Her subsequent projects dealt with local political and ideological contexts, the artist often working and exhibiting outside of the white cube gallery set up. Kasearu has shown works in various public spaces, in her Tallinn home which she transformed into an eponymous house museum (Flo Kasearu House Museum, 2013-ongoing), a women's shelter (“Festival of the Shelter”, Pärnu women’s shelter, 2018). An intervention titled "Great great great grandscribble-weasel" at the Koidula Museum (dedicated to Estonian poet Lydia Koidula) took place in Pärnu in 2018.<br><br>Flo Kasearu’s recent exhibitions and performances include "Endangered Species", solo exhibition at Tartu Art Museum (2020); "Performing the Fringe" at Konsthall C, Stockholm, curated by Jussi Koitela and Inga Lāce (2020); “There and Back Again”, group show curated by Kati Kivinen and Saara Hacklin, Kiasma, Helsinki (2018); “Soon enough”, group show curated by Maria Lind, Tensta Konsthall (2018); “State is Not a Work of Art”, group show curated by Katerina Gregos, Tallinn Art Hall (2018); “Members Only”, Performa 17 Biennial, curated by Esa Nickle and Maaike Gouwenberg, New York (2017). </p>