Bunny Rogers – Waiting for Anne (Collaboration with Shawn Jeffers)

<p>The work of artist and poet Bunny Rogers explores our understanding of isolation and belonging, particularly how such conditions correspond to experiences of loss, trauma, alienation, intimacy, and community. Working across media, Rogers creates immersive worlds that materialize her own inner universe—a personal constellation of TV shows, movies, Internet forums, and common objects—and uses the hermetic logic of these associations to emotionally connect with the viewer.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>As writer Diane Solway notes, “roleplaying and storytelling have always been central to Rogers’s work, which taken together, can be seen as collages of her real and virtual selves filtered through her supercharged imagination. Whether it takes the form of poetry, websites, installation, or sculpture, Rogers’s output is united by its preoccupation with pre-teen angst, friendship, and memory.” Whether working in sculpture, installation, poetry, or video, Rogers’ immersive conceptual landscapes, which are often inspired by real-life traumatic events such as the legacy of the Columbine shooting or the opioid epidemic in the United States, are populated by a recurring cast of characters inspired by archetypes of the loner, social outsider, or misanthropic outcast. </p>