Amalia Ulman

<p>Amalia Ulman’s works are primarily voiced in the first person. Nomadism and outsider cultural inquisitiveness inform her practice. In a multidisciplinary manner, she charts a soft-toned exploration of the relationship between consumerism and identity, class imitation, social deception and altruism.<br><br>She uses the aesthetic languages of the middle (middle-brow and middle-class), as a mechanism to explore the intersection of class and aesthetics at its most salient point: taste. Working with an aesthetic palette which is intuitively regarded as “cute” or “pretty”, with both a negative and positive connotation, Ulman’s work elicits a conflicted sense of pleasure and unease. Such ideas are expanded in her work, whose light touch asks how aesthetic consumption ascribes one to a particular class and how criticality itself is a space of privilege.<br> <br>Recent shows and projects include The Body Electric, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Art & Porn, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in collaboration with AroS, Copenhagen; Privilege, KWM Art Center, Beijing; I Was Raised On The Internet, MCA Chicago; Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today, ICA Boston; Mozart’s Ghost, Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg; Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein, Bikini, Basel; and Genre-Nonconforming: The DIS Edutainment Network, de Young, San Francisco. Ulman designed the application Ethira with the support of Arcadia_Missa and The Moving Museum. She has written numerous essays and participated in talks at Art Basel Miami Beach, The Swiss Institute, New York and ICA, London.</p>