Bob Bicknell-Knight

<p>Bob Bicknell-Knight is a London-based artist and curator working in installation, sculpture, video and digital media. Using found objects and tools made readily available by the Internet, as well as drawing from a unique sensibility influenced by participation in online communities and virtual games, Bicknell-Knight’s work explores the divergent methods by which consumer capitalist culture permeates both online and offline society. Utopian, dystopian, automation, surveillance and digitization of the self are some of the themes that arise through Bicknell-Knight’s critical examination of contemporary technologies.<br><br>Bicknell-Knight is also the founder and director of isthisit?, a platform for contemporary art, exhibiting over 800 artists since its creation in May 2016.<br><br>Online, it operates as a gallery producing monthly exhibitions showcasing emerging to mid-career artists, hosting a roster of guest curators experimenting with the medium of the internet to interrogate a variety of concepts. The website also hosts monthly residencies, where artists are given a web page to create new work that exists on the internet as a piece of net art. Offline, it has held exhibitions nationally and internationally and is the publisher of isthisit?, a book series released on a triannual basis.<br><br>Selected solo exhibitions include State of Affairs at Salon 75, Copenhagen (2019), CACOTOPIA 02 at Annka Kultys Gallery, London (2018), Sunrise Prelude at Dollspace, London (2017) and Are we there yet? at Chelsea College of Art, London (2017). Selected group exhibitions include Beyond the Door at Vanity Projects, NYC and Miami locations (2019), Overtime at The Bass at The Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach (2019), Life and Beyond at Lewisham Art House, London (2019), Towards the Last Unicorn at 55SP, São Paulo (2019), Paper Cuts at Saatchi Gallery, London (2018), Inside Intel at Goldsmiths, University of London, London (2018), and The Museum Has Abandoned Us at State of the Art, Berlin (2017).</p>