Heath Franco

<p>Franco's practice is primarily concerned with video, although the process of production and exhibition also incorporates photography, performance, costume, sound, digital media, sculpture and installation. He creates screen-based installation works that are structured with respect to flow and rhythm rather than plot narrative and that in turn attract and repulse through a mix of hyper aesthetic, catchy jingles and absurd, at times grotesque, performances. Repetition is a consistent feature of works produced in recent years, along with a psychotropic sensibility and the artist's presence as sole performer within the works.<br><br>Franco's recent body of work incorporates set design and build and a heavier lean towards material pre-production aspects of video than earlier works. This new body of work explores the concept of the 'expanded costume' where the costume and set share a holistic cohesion. Camouflage and possibilities of hidden/invisible lifeforms within seemingly inanimate spaces are explored by Franco who attempts to embody and personify them seeking to confound the binary of inanimate/animated and dead/alive.<br><br>Conceptually, Franco's practice informed by explorations into Western popular culture, domesticity and notions of ‘home’, the chaos of existence, and contemplation on possibilities of alternate, hidden realities.</p>