Letta Shtohryn

<p>Concerned by our relationship to the digital realm, Letta explores our intertwined coexistence with it. As a method, she employs speculative strategies, poetics and metaphysical investigations that respond to aspects of digital development using new media, sculpture, video games, commercial goods and imagery.<br><br>Being ceaselessly inspired by deception, Letta looks for the origins of the real and the artifice, exploring the fine line between truth and myth-making. Letta's work can be placed at the intersection between the digital and the material coexisting in a world that is increasingly governed by algorithms. </p> <p>Her academic background is in Photography (Art School Vienna), Philosophy/Sociology (University of Vienna); MFA Digital Arts (University of Malta / 2016).<br><br>Recent exhibitions include LisbonLQ2.jpeg at Zaratan Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon, PT; Algorithmic Oracle at Video Vortex, Spazju Kreattiv, MT; Object, Objetc, Objecc at Spazju Kreattiv, MT; Algorithmic Oracle at Vanity Projects (by Daata Editions), Miami USA; Little Hell Gate group show by Daata Editions at Frieze Art Fair, New York, USA; Dream Catcher group show by Daata x Phillips at The Box @ Phillips, New York, USA; An area of some importance at Digitalartistresidency.org; Textile Memory (AIR Wro residency) at Tętno, Wroclaw, PL; The Tension of Things Unsaid at Listastofan, Reykjavik, IC; Christmas at my parents' house at Roundabout LX, Lisbon.</p>