Shamus Clisset

<p>Shamus Clisset (aka FakeShamus) (b. 1976, New York) is a New York based artist working with 3D media, including modeling, rendering, game simulations, and animation. His work derives from a mash-up of pop culture imagery, frontier iconography, objects and environments culled from historical and recent American history, and his own personal lusts and obsessions. Themes of violence, manifest destiny, apocalypse, and the contemporary wasteland are all refracted through the prism of digital culture.<br><br>He has presented work locally, internationally, and online. Recent exhibitions include Postmasters Gallery, Annke Kultys Gallery, The Guttstein Gallery at SCAD in Savannah, UMKC Gallery of Art, Dalmation X,, Spring/Break Art Show, GRIN Providence, and Dis Magazine. He is a 2014 NYFA fellow in digital art and teaches digital imaging and 3D media at Sarah Lawrence College.</p>