Ze Aya | Fay Nicolson | Gery Georgieva
3 Artworks

<p>malleable - mouldable - manipulate - adjustable - squeeze you like putty - vulnerable - muse. </p> <p>you - me - dominance - vulnerability - fragility - femininity - masculinity - identity - approval - fragility - muse. </p> <p>marking - impact - signature - ownership - masculinity - identity - approval - fragility - muse. </p> <p>Word - language - material - texture - movement - gesture - indentation - implication - touch - stroke - soft - wet - still - muse. </p> <p>Love - lover - heartbreaker - jelly bean flicker - seductive - ambivalent - vulnerable - muse</p> <p>Ze Aya, Sticky, 2018</p> <p>DKUK x Daata Editions are excited to announce the third edition of their collaboration, Sticky by Ze Aya, which has been commissioned by DKUK in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition at the their salon in Peckham. Formerly from a sculptural background, Aya’s practise highlights material language and painting as object. Using texture, composition and layering processes, the work depicts a collection of seductive, ambivalent and vulnerable experiences. The movement and gestural indentations in the material imply chaos, quietened by the stillness of the figurative.</p> <p>For the second edition of the Daata x DKUK collaboration, DKUK commissioned Fay Nicolson's Spa Songs (Wet Mix) released in conjunction with Fay's show Sound Before Symbol, is a looping 2 channel audio work, an 'exploded song'. This composition is constructed from multitrack recordings of the artist's voice that overlap to form a chorus. Spa Songs (Wet Mix) reworks elements of a much lager song cycle, focusing on combining textural and melodic elements to create an atmospheric passage through a dream-like sound space.<br></p> <p>DKUK commissioned Gery Georgieva to create a digital edition in conjunction with her recent show Never Be Another You at their Peckham space. Gery’s work addresses how the female body is instrumentalised and commodified by economies of value such as advertising across both digital and physical spheres. This piece originates from a visit to a wig shop during a trip to Glasgow International in 2016 when Gery visited DKUK’s collaborative installation with Acid Prawn at The Savoy Centre. The arrangement of wigs stumbled upon and photographed have been manipulated, recontextualised and repurposed. Playing with ideas between functionality and decoration the works exists as a holding visual between films in the show reel at DKUK. For this edition the digital image will, with each download, create its own context as its functionality and accessibility continues to transform.</p>