Daata Editions
End to End
10 Artworks

<p>A Daata Playlist of artworks featuring at End to End: A Confluence of Innovation, an event designed to open doors and deepen connections between mediums, industries and people through the lens of Technology. This experience is Free and open to all ages of the Public. Installation art, live performance, presentation, and conversation will map the space that allows patrons, performers, and professionals to blur the lines that are traditionally present between those groups in an event space. To provide the uncommon opportunity for all people to access the deepest level of work and information within our programmed fields without pretext or credential. </p> <p>The works commissioned via Daata Editions, will be installed in strategic and visible locations throughout our site. They will provide immersive commentary, promote engagement, and offer cathartic release from any forced-context that the social implications of a Conference setting may impose on attendees. We believe these works, and all contributions to this experience to be of equal value to the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual education that creates space for new and open innovation in society. </p> <p>May 10 - May 12, Camp North End, Charlotte, NC<br></p>