MOCAD x Daata
Daily Rush Season 3: Proxy
4 Artworks

<p>The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) and Daata are excited to announce a brand new season of the year-long partnership - Daily Rush - premiering February 10 at Through digital media, research, and moving image, the artists in Season 3 of Daily Rush confront problems around the proxy—exploring methodologies of self-image and representation through the production of surrogates, substitutes, and stand-ins.</p><p></p> <p>With virtual reality, digitally rendered, and mixed-media works by artists from the Daata roster—Clare Gatto, Kara Gut, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, and Jess Johnson & Simon Ward—this season explores the individualized approach of each artist to virtuality, simulation, and commemoration. Together, the works in Proxy confront how new media practices are employed as a double, or stand-in, for individual experience.</p>